Yellow Agate & Jade

Stones Used:

yellow agate: Enhances emotional balance and healing, balanes yin and yang.promotes emotional calmnes, increases self confidence, improves focus and concentration, helps overcome bitterness, heals resentment


jade:Afford good luck, imparts peace, helps with self-definition and self- knowlage, improves insight and guidance, protection, safe travel, easing guilt, interrupting negative thought patterns, reducing excessive thirst for power, strenghtening life fource energies, increasung trust, promoting love of all kinds

Yellow Agate & Jade

  • Each arm piece comes in 3 standard sizes


    • small (6in)
    • medium (7in)
    • large (8in)


    • small (8in)
    • medium (9in)
    • Large (10in)

    Pieces are avaible in larger size with $7.00 custom size fee...

    ***All piece are handmade and precious/ semi precious stones and shells may vary in shape, size and color***