Black Agate & Amazonite Arm Piece

Stones Used: 

Black Agate: Enhances emotional balance and healing, balanes yin and yang.promotes emotional calmnes, increases self confidence, improves focus and concentration, helps overcome bitterness, heals resentment


Amazonite: Providesprotection against electrmagnec energie, calms asooths, promotes peace, relieves stress, helps balance yin and yang, promotes personal truth, opens the heart and promotes love, triggers intuition

Black Agate & Amazonite Arm Piece

  • Each arm piece comes in 3 standard sizes


    • small (6in)
    • medium (7in)
    • large (8in)


    • small (8in)
    • medium (9in)
    • Large (10in)

    Pieces are avaible in larger size with $7.00 custom size fee...

    ***All piece are handmade and precious/ semi precious stones and shells may vary in shape, size and color***