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Jasper Waist Crystals
These Jasper Waist Crystals are the perfect way to add some healing energy to your wardrobe. Each crystal is made from natural jasper stones and is believed to provide stability and improve grounding. The green jasper stones are said to create harmony in relationships, while the red jasper stones enhance vibrancy and passion. The yellow stones are meant to strengthen perseverance. These waist crystals are perfect for any occasion and are an ideal alternative to traditional waist beads.

Jasper Waist Crystals

  • All Waist Crystals are removable and are made with elastic cord for comfort and stretch.


    Our Waist Crystals comes in 3 standard sizes

    • small (26in)
    • medium (29in)
    • large (32in)


    Pieces are available in larger size with $7.00 custom size fee...

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